Monitoring Misconnections

Misconnections are a growing concern in both urban and rural catchments. Chelsea Technologies Group has addressed the challenges detecting Polluted Surface Water Outfalls (PSWOs) in natural waters with the new low cost Cross-Check system. Cross-Check allows surveyors and regulators to detect foul water contamination in surface water drains and track the source of the misconnection. This is achieved using UV fluorescence to detect either Tryptophan, which correlates with faecal contamination, and/or Optical Brighteners associated with household detergents.

Product of choice:

Monitoring Misconnection - foul water trackingCross-Check comprises a CTG UviLux fluorometer and a Hawk handheld display and logging unit. The UviLux fluorometer can be factory-configured for either Tryptophan or Optical Brightener detection. CTG’s UviLux fluorometers detect UV fluorescence with industry-leading sensitivity and selectivity and have been optimised for minimal interference from water turbidity.


Applications include:

  • Tracking foul to surface water sewer misconnections
  • Tracing household effluent misconnections to surface waters
  • Pollution assessments of natural water systems
  • Trade effluent detection
  • Polluted Surface Water Outfall (PSWO) detection


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