Oil in Water Monitoring

Chelsea Technologies Group has a proven range of in situ sensors optimised for monitoring crude and refined oil. Applications include: reporting of hydrocarbons within waste water treatment plants, processing plants, natural water systems, pollution surveillance, point source pollution tracking, hydrocarbon monitoring in ports & coastal area plus road & airport apron run-off monitoring. Systems are also available for detection of leaks in pipelines & subsea installations and for subsea control line leak detection.

Systems to choose from include:

OIL Station for hydrocarbon monitoringOIL-Station & OIL Station Pro:  Provides real-time, highly sensitive monitoring of dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) in laboratory or process control environments.  The OIL-Station comprises a CTG UviLux fluorometer and a Watchkeeper wall mounted data display and logger. Data is displayed on the Watchkeeper’s colour touchscreen and is logged internally.


 OIL-Wader Hydrocarbon MonitoringOIL-Wader & OIL Wader Pro:  Provides surveyors and regulators with real-time in situ measurement of dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH). The system comprises a CTG UviLux fluorometer and a Hawk handheld display and logging unit. CTG’s UviLux fluorometers detect UV fluorescence with industry-leading sensitivity and selectivity and have been optimised for minimal interference from water turbidity. 


UV Aquatracka for hydrocarbon monitoring in process control or natural water waysUV AquaTracka Fluorometer: Extremely sensitive UV  fluorometers for the measurement in real-time of refined hydrocarbons (360nm) or crude hydrocarbons (440nm) in a wide range of applications including oceanographic, environmental & process control applications.. In support of this, it has been designed to be deployed from gliders, undulating vehicles, moored or profiling systems.


subsea leak detectionSubsea Pipeline Leak Detection: This is the industry preferred tool for subsea pipeline leak detection. The system finds leaks by sensing the fluorescence of leaking hydrocarbons or, for pipeline commissioning, by introducing fluorescent dyes (such as Rhodamine, Fluorescein or Agma). This system provides both offshore pipeline commissioners and project engineers a highly sensitive detection system which allows quick location of leaks within subsea structures.


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