Oil detection from WaveGlider

Hydrocarbon detection using Liquid Robotic Gliders

The CTG UV AquaTracka Hydrocarbon Sensor has been tried & tested with over 16 units in use on the Liquid Robotics range of WaveGilder Unmanned Surface Vehicles.

Robotics and underwater vehicles have been used in the Oil and Gas industry for decades. Without the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) the industry would be far less efficient than it is today. In recent years, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) were introduced to the industry and offered a variety of solutions that helped lower cost and improve the efficiency of offshore operations. Over the last few years, Liquid Robotics has been working with oil and gas customers to provide innovative solutions to address common challenges within the industry.

CTG has provided Liquid Robotics with a number of UV AquaTracka Hydrocarbon Sensors for integration into their Wave Gliders®.  The UV AquaTracka has long been the  industry standard for hydrocarbon detection, a reputation proven during the Macondo Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.    Originally developed for military applications, the UV AquaTracka  remains unique in its ability to detect very low levels of crude and refined oils in the marine and freshwater environment.  The UV AquaTracka is so sensitive it can detect aromatic hydrocarbons diluted a thousand billion times in water, in other words it can detect one part in 1012 .  The UV AquaTracka / USV  combination allows the detection of the presence of residual hydrocarbons at the water’s surface and serve a wide range of needs from environmental monitoring, to sub-sea pipeline leak detection, to monitoring around rigs and other infrastructure.

The growth in oil exploration has facilitated a demand from offshore oil companies  for high quality surveying and monitoring data. Using data from sensors such as the Chelsea UV AquaTracka deployed from the Wave Glider®, Liquid Robotic can  provide real-time information on water quality to the oil industry at a fraction of the cost of traditional data acquisition methods such as support ships and ROV.  

Measuring hydrocarbons in tough conditions can be a difficult job but the Chelsea’s UV AquaTrackas are up to the task.  They have already been ruthlessly tested over the years in various seas and found to be consistent, accurate and precise, yet rugged enough to stand the worst of conditions. They have seen service in very hostile environments and can withstand harsh offshore conditions for months at a time.

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