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As wild fishery populations stagnate, the aquaculture industry has emerged as an important means of providing protein to an ever expanding population, over the last few decades. Aquaculture relates to the farming of a variety of aquatic species in marine, brackish and freshwater environments. Commercial species range from finfish to shellfish to algae and are produced via a number of different production methods. One of the key issues regarding the sustainability of aquaculture, is the issue of water quality.

The importance of water quality monitoring in aquaculture is two-fold. Good water quality is important for ensuring the effective production of healthy fish that are fit for human consumption, whilst the environmental impacts of the production process itself need to be carefully monitored, too.

Real-time monitoring of water quality parameters such as algal biomass, cyanobacteria and pollution is becoming increasingly favoured over traditional methods of sampling and laboratory analysis due to the high cost and labour required.

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Products available

CTG provides a number of sensors for real-time water quality monitoring for parameters such as chlorophyll a, blue-green algae, turbidity, CDOM and tryptophan. Our current range of sensors are detailed below:

UniLux Fluorometer: Low cost miniaturised, digital fluorometers to monitor Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Rhodamine WT, Phycocyanin, Fluoroscein or Nephelometer.UniLux Algae Fluorometer
TriLux Algae Fluorometer
One and three-channel miniature fluorometers for the measurement of chlorophyll a, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin or turbidity in fresh or coastal waters.

UviLux Fluorometer: Digital in-situ & in-line UV fluorometers to monitor in real-time concentrations of refined & crude hydrocarbons, CDOM, Tryptophan & Optical Brighteners.UviLux Fluorometer – ISO standard fluorometer for measuring parameters such as tryptophan, CDOM and turbidity. Our Bacti-Wader Pro System also combines a tryptophan/CDOM sensor for more accurate estimates of tryptophan concentrations.

V-Lux Multi-paramter Fuorometer V-Lux Multi-paramter Fuorometer – New multi-parameter fluorometer available in a number of configurations to  provide high quality in situ  detection of either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan-like fluorescence. This instrument automatically corrects readings for turbidity and absorbance.

UniLux Fluorometer: Low cost miniaturised, digital fluorometers to monitor Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Rhodamine WT, Phycocyanin, Fluoroscein or Nephelometer.UniLux Dye Tracing Fluorometer – Rhodamine and fluorescein sensors for dye-tracing studies. Ideal for monitoring water flow in open cage systems.

Act2 Lab FerryBox Systems FastOcean – Our Fast Repetition Rate fluorometers (FRRf) can be used for assessing algal health and primary production. These instruments are ideal for characterising water body productivity and can be used for site selection/ feasibility studies.
Act2-based laboratory System
FastOcean APD System

Acoustic monitoring of fishAcoustic range – CTG offer a range of acoustic transducers and hydrophones that can be incorporated into a number of systems. One example of this is for the use of marine mammal deterrents.

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