Shellfish Water Quality Monitoring

Over recent decades, sewage discharge improvement schemes have contributed to less microbiological contamination in designated shellfish waters. However, a number of these schemes have failed to comply with the microbial standard specified in the Shellfish Waters Directive. This results in both the industry and public health being compromised. The  EC Shellfish Waters Directive protects shellfish waters in order to support shellfish life and growth, therefore contributing to the high quality of shellfish products directly edible by man. It sets physical, chemical and microbiological water quality requirements that designated shellfish waters must comply with.

CTG has collaborated with the CEFAS Water Quality team on a number of surveys  which has resulted in a better understanding on how Tryptophan-like fluorescence can help inform on background bacteria levels and can ultimately help target water sampling. Following this work the CEFAS Weymouth Laboratory purchased a CTG Bacti-Wader Pro System.

The CEFAS team have also contributed in the practical considerations in putting together an easily deployable robust system which has led to the realisation of the CTG Bacti-Wader Pro System. The CTG Bacti-Wader Pro System consists of a UviLux Tryptophan fluorometer and UviLux CDOM fluorometer which are combined both electronically and mechanically to make a single assembly, the CTG Dual-Lux. This is connected by a suitable length of cable to the new CTG Hawk Handheld Display and Logger creating a Portable self-contained robust system suitable for work in the field.

 CEFAS choose the new CTG Bacti-Wader Pro System for work in shellfish waters - Attend Ocean Business demo to learn more


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