Bacteria monitoring in Water Treatment Works


Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has addressed the challenges faced by  laboratory managers, process scientists and engineers who wish to assess real-time levels of bacteria in water systems with the introduction of the following new products. Both systems provide instant measurements of water-borne bacteria avoiding lengthy, potentially costly, delays in obtaining laboratory results.

BACTI Station

BACTI-Station: Provides real-time, highly sensitive measurements for assessing bacterial levels



BOD Wader

BACTI-Wader: Provides real-time, highly sensitive measurements for in situ  indication of bacteria levels

The BACTI-Wader and BACTI-Station systems enable in-line or in situ real-time reporting of Bacteria within both water processing plants and natural water systems. The monitor detects fluorescent proteins that are inherent within sewage and slurry. 

The principle behind the measurement is the excitation of Tryptophan-like fluorescence within UV wavelength band, which is highly sensitive and has been shown to correlate with bacterial contamination.  

These systems can inform on plant loading of bacteria from river abstraction, filter management and contamination within processed water tanks.

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