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Following a triennial two day audit by SGS this week, CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips is today pleased to announced that CTG has transitioned to accreditation to the new standard ISO9001:2015.

“Following a triennial two day audit by SGS this week, I am pleased to announce that CTG has transitioned to accreditation to the new standard ISO 9001:2015,” said CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips. “A huge thank you goes to our staff for their considerable effort in achieving this recognition of CTG's quality and business processes.”

For more information, please contact  Ellen Keegan Tel: +44(0) 208 481 9019.

AquaShuttle Aranda Finland

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has finished the refurbishment of an AquaShuttle towed undulating vehicle for the Finnish Environment Institute as part of the conversion of their Research Vessel, the Aranda. 

“We will be using the AquaShuttle on our renewed research vessel, where it will become part of standard inventory of research equipment,” said Dr Juha Flinkman.  “Our strongest research area is pelagic ecology, food web studies, and associated physical, chemical and biological oceanography. Aranda is a polar capacity research vessel, used in the Baltic Sea around the year, and capable of 3 season work in Polar waters.”  

The RV is due back from dock in the spring, when the AquaShuttle will be attached via a slip ring winch, allowing a direct data feed from the CTD.

Phycoerythrin fluorescence monitoring in the Baltic Sea using CTG UniLux Fluorometers

Phycoerythrin is among the most dynamic phytoplankton pigments in the Baltic Sea. While Chlorophyll a provides information on bulk phytoplankton biomass and phycocyanin reflects the distribution of filamentous cyanobactreria, phycoerythrin signal originates mainly from picocyanobacteria, ciliate Mesodinium rubrum, cryptophytes and some dinoflagellates.

CTG Pipeline Leak Detection System chosen by ECA Group, France

ECA Group have chosen a CTG Pipeline Leak Detection System to be employed in the role of subsea pipeline inspection and oil leakage detection. The 600 metre, certified system contains a CTG Uvilux configured for hydrocarbons. The PLD system will be integrated to their innovative ROV, the H800-SUR alongside a hydrophone, water sampler and sediment sampler. The chosen system is one of a range of standard systems CTG offer specifically designed for ease of integration to ROV platforms. 

National Institute for Environmental Studies buys second FastOcean APD for algal studies in Japanese lakes After successful field studies with their first CTG FastOcean profiling system, acquired in early 2016, the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Japan has just purchased their second FastOcean profiling system.

NIES have been using CTG Fast Repetition Rate fluorometers (FRRf) for a number of years to study photosynthesis in lakes around Japan as part of a long-term environmental monitoring program. The new profiling system is destined for their Lake Biwa branch, located in the Shiga prefecture in Japan, as part of a jointly funded program.

Challenger Conference 2018, Newcastle

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) is delighted to once again sponsor & exhibit at the next biennial conference of the Challenger Society for Marine Science to be held at Newcastle University,  on 10-13 September 2018.

On display  will be the well established Act2/FastOcean multi-wavelength fluorometer-based systems for in situ and laboratory-based assessment of phytoplankton physiology and GPP.

We are exhibiting and demonstrating at Ocean Business 2019“Chelsea Technologies Group is once again delighted to be participating in Ocean Business,  (9-11 April 2019, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton),” said CTG’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Justin Dunning.  “Not only will we be exhibiting, but we will also be holding dockside demonstrations plus a classroom session. These events are designed to give delegates an opportunity to not only see first-hand our next generation coastal and oceanographic monitoring sensors, but also to 'road test' them.” 

Overseas Agents Workshop at OI2018Chelsea Technologies Group are holding a workshop for their overseas' representatives on Wednesday 14th March at the Novotel Hotel, Excel.

This event is scheduled to coincide with Oceanology International Excel, which runs from 13-15th March. During this time,  the CTG team will use the SMI Stand (No 600) as their base. If you would like to arrange a meeting with any of the team, please contact Ellen Keegan.

Download Workshop Agenda, Attendee's List and Directions to the hotel.

Shanghai Yiwin Instrument & Equipment Co,announce sale of CTG Uvilux-CDOM to Zhejiang University

CTG’s agent in China, Jim Hu, Shanghai Yiwin Instrument &Equipment Co is pleased to announce the sale of a UviLux-CDOM to Zhejiang University at the 17th China Water Colour Remote Sensing Conference.

The UviLux is a multi-parameter fluorometer configured to detect either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan-like fluorescence.

For  more information, contact Jim Hu or CTG's Justin Dunning.

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