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Shanghai Yiwin Instrument & Equipment Co announce sale of CTG Uvilux-CDOM to Zhejiang University

CTG’s agent in China, Jim Hu, Shanghai Yiwin Instrument &Equipment Co is pleased to announce the sale of a UviLux-CDOM to Zhejiang University at the 17th China Water Colour Remote Sensing Conference.

The UviLux sensor provides highly sensitive data on a wide variety of UV fluorescence parameters including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), CDOM, Tryptophan-like fluorescence (TLF), BOD and Optical Brightening Agents (OBA). The robust submersible housing and electronics provides the platform from which these different parameters can be measured via factory‑set configuration of the fluorometer optics.

Applications include:  

  • Pollution surveillance & investigative monitoring
  • Point source pollution tracking
  • Pollution monitoring in ports and coastal areas
  • Road and airport apron run-off monitoring
  • Pollution ingress into infrastructure

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For  more information, contact Jim Hu or CTG's Justin Dunning, Tel: 07773 849526

Media contact: For more information / high resolution image, please contact  Ellen Keegan, Tel: +44(0) 208 481 9019.

 Shanghai Yiwin Instrument & Equipment Co,announce sale of CTG Uvilux-CDOM to Zhejiang University

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