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Introducing the all new LabSTAF Single Turnover Active Fluorometer system

“We have successfully delivered acoustic range tracking equipment to a major Ministry of Defence prime contractor for use in UK Waters and now commence the ongoing spares provision, maintenance and support elements of the project,” announced Justin Dunning. These new systems, located at several sites, are now providing enhanced capability to the Royal Navy and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.


Leading subsea technology developer Sonardyne International Ltd. has acquired maritime and marine science technology specialist Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd. The acquisition is part of a long-term growth strategy for Sonardyne, to diversify into markets where it sees an opportunity to build on its core technology base and expertise in underwater acoustic and optical communications, navigation and autonomous monitoring systems. In acquiring Chelsea (also known as CTG), Sonardyne will both strengthen its presence in the maritime, marine and ocean science sectors and create new opportunities in the water environmental, defence and process control markets. Chelsea will gain access to Sonardyne’s considerable research, production, testing, compliance and global distribution capabilities, allowing the company to access many more international territories.

Following a triennial two day audit by SGS this week, CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips is today pleased to announced that CTG has transitioned to accreditation to the new standard ISO9001:2015.

“Following a triennial two day audit by SGS this week, I am pleased to announce that CTG has transitioned to accreditation to the new standard ISO 9001:2015,” said CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips. “A huge thank you goes to our staff for their considerable effort in achieving this recognition of CTG's quality and business processes.”

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For more information, please contact  Ellen Keegan Tel: +44(0) 208 481 9019.

Chelsea Provides Unique Sensor Combination for Environmental Monitoring in Gulf Spill

Water abstraction points may be affected by deliberate contamination. Early warning monitoring systems are required to alert operators to these contaminants and to changes in key water quality parameters.  FastGuard is a result of a development programme to assess the suitability of the Fast Repetition Rate Fluorescence technology for detecting the effects of hostile contaminants. The ability of water borne algae to photosynthesize, and hence fluoresce, is significantly affected by toxic chemicals. FastGuard provides an instant response to a range of contaminants including methylparathion (an organophosphate insecticide), potassium cyanide (which can result in nervous system and respiratory failure), diuron and paraquat.


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