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Environmental News

Bacteria/Tryptophan monitoring

Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd (CTG) will be exhibiting at the jointly held SWIG (Sensing for Water Interest Group) & Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) "Water and Health Workshop" on 31st January at the University of West of England.  The workshop will commence with a keynote talk from Public Health England giving an overview of waterborne disease, followed by presentations from companies and researchers showcasing the latest devices & sensor technologies that are able to rapidly detect microbiological and chemical contaminants. 

Introducing new V-Lux Fluorometer

Euronews have released a video featuring some of the work done during the SenseOCEAN project. The video looks at sensor use in farming, horticulture and finally, the sea.

 “As a member of the SenseOCEAN consortium we have developed a novel, low cost, multiparameter fluorometer that addresses many of the limitations of performing sensitive optical measurements in the field,” said Dr John Attridge, CTG's Technical Director. “As part of this development, we have integrated multiwavelength fluorescence detection along with turbidity and absorbance measurements to allow the fluorescence signals to be corrected for environmental interferences, thus significantly improving the reliability of the data collected. This has all been achieved within a small volume, making the sensor suitable for a wide range of deployment options.”


Introducing new V-Lux Fluorometer

"We are delighted to introduce the  new V-Lux Multi-parameter fluorometer," said CTG's Sales Manager, Justin Dunning.  V-Lux will be on show at Sensing in Water  conference (27-28 September) and at WEFTEC 2017 (2-4 October) in Chicago but if you would like more information in the meantime, please contact Justin Dunning Tel: +44(0)20 8481 9031. 

The V-Lux Fluorometer is configured to provide high quality in situ detection of either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan like fluorescence.  

CTG Introduce Non-contact Algae Monitoring: ALGAE-Station NC

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) launch their new Non-Contact Algae System, the "ALGAE-Station NC" at   WEFTEC 2017.

The new Algae-Station Non-Contact system from leading water quality sensor designer CTG will be launched at  WEFTEC 2017 on 2-4 October.  The Algae-Station NC provides water process control operators with a unique monitoring system which reduces cleaning and maintenance requirements that are commonly associated with in situ sensors, reducing significantly Cost of Ownership of these type of sensors.   

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