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Following a triennial two day audit by SGS this week, CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips is today pleased to announced that CTG has transitioned to accreditation to the new standard ISO9001:2015.

“Following a triennial two day audit by SGS this week, I am pleased to announce that CTG has transitioned to accreditation to the new standard ISO 9001:2015,” said CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips. “A huge thank you goes to our staff for their considerable effort in achieving this recognition of CTG's quality and business processes.”

For more information, please contact  Ellen Keegan Tel: +44(0) 208 481 9019.

Reducing Aquaculture Die-offs, in Real-Time

Last year, Atlantic Sapphire lost 250 tonnes of salmon in a mass die-off due to hydrogen sulphide poisoning from accumulated organic matter, an all-too-common problem in aquaculture with significant economic losses. Growing salmon in land-based tanks in which water is continuously circulated can cause sporadic toxic microorganism outbreaks that cause costly mass fish stock die-offs. Trials have began, using the CTG BACTI-Wader Pro, with the aim of providing a real-time alert system, that gives enough warning time for operators to respond and avoid a potential toxic bacteria outbreak.

CTG Algae-Wader Pro systems for Flanders

The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) have taken delivery of a number of CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro systems to assist them in their work in assessing Algae levels within the water environments within Belgium.  CTG’s representatives within the Benelux countries, Notra BV, assisted in arranging the demonstrations and the subsequent supply.

The systems supplied to VMM are configured for measurements of Chl-a, Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin and come with a handheld unit which provides both graphical and digital real-time data to the operator, with Red, Amber, Green thresholding, and logs the data for post mission extraction.

The V-Lux: Multi-parameter fluorometer configured to detect either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan-like fluorescence will be on show at WWEM

CTG will be exhibiting at the WWEM 2018  21-22 Nov 2018, Telford, UK. On display will be CTG's range of on-line & portable water quality monitoring systems. Addressing the management of both water supply and water recovery plants, these systems will also be of particular interest to the environmental monitoring sectors addressing the requirements of the Bathing Waters Directive, Water Framework Directive and Shellfish Waters Directive. Also on display will be the new V-Lux multi-parameter fluorometer configured to provide high quality in situ detection of either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan-like fluorescence.

Pipeline Leak Detection System chosen by Laurel Geophysics Inc

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) are delighted to be sponsoring the 4th Premiam Conference "Post Spill Monitoring, Looking Back and Moving Forward" on the 21st June at the Natural History Museum, London. Emma Johnson, CTG's Maritime & Hydrocarbon Sales Manager will be showcasing CTG's range of  hydrocarbon and oil monitoring products.

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