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Introducing new V-Lux Fluorometer

It was identified that the use of fluorescence in the field could be significantly improved in relation to data reliability and range by incorporating a number of fluorescence channels into one sensor, and augmenting these with a turbidity, absorption and temperature channels. With careful design we recognised that a single multiparameter fluorometer could provide a flexible platform which could be easily configured to detect a number of required fluorometric parameters.  Based on demand for our established Lux range of fluorometers it was apparent that there would be calls for four main variants on the new instrument, detection of Algae, BTEX, Crude Hydrocarbons and Tryptophan-like fluorescence (for Bacterial monitoring and measurements of Biological Oxygen Demand).   

"We are delighted the introduce the  new V-Lux Multi-parameter fluorometer," said CTG's Sales Manager, Justin Dunning.  V-Lux will be on show at Sensing in Water  (27-28 September) but if you would like more information in the meantime, please contact Justin Dunning Tel: +44(0)20 8481 9031.  



aidis chile conferenceCTG's new overseas agents in Chile - Simtech Ltda - will be participating in: Aidis Chile XXI, Jornadas de Calidad de Aguas y Control de Procesos, from 7 to 8 September 2017 at Hotel Manquehue, Puerto Montt, Chile. Simtech's Gustavo Salas will be available to talk about CTG's range of water quality monitoring systems.  
For more information or to arrange a meeting please contact Gustavo Salas Tel:  +56 2 23419199.  Full conference programme  


Algae-Wader Pro system, which is an easy to use portable in-situ algae monitor providing data on Chl-a and other algae based pigments

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, has recently taken delivery of a CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system, as part of the programme ‘Far Out! – Pupils as Environmental Scientists’.  The Project aims to achieve multidisciplinary learning models via environmental research projects with pupils using different technological instruments and measurements as part of the research processes.  The CTG Algae-Wader Pro system, which is an easy to use portable in-situ  algae monitor providing data on Chl-a and other algae based pigments, will be used to augment current practises of taking samples for laboratory analysis.   

Justin Dunning to present new sensors for the water and waste water markets at WEFTEC 2017

CTG will be exhibiting at the WEFTEC 2017  Conference & Exhibition in Chicago during 30 September – 3 October 2017 in the UK Pavilion with the UK DIT and British Water.  Justin Dunning will be presenting on CTG’s new Multi-Parameter fluorometer - the V-Lux - which can be configured for detection of a number of compounds including Algae, Tryptophan (for Bacterial Monitoring / BOD) and Hydrocarbons. Field fluorometers have traditionally been challenged by interfering fluorescence from non-target compounds, high turbidity levels and high concentrations which can directly impact the accuracy of the readings obtained. The new fluorometer includes 3 fluorescence channels as well as absorption, turbidity and temperature channels which allow corrections from these potential interferences, providing unambiguous data of the target compounds and providing range levels previously unobtainable from field fluorometers.


Dr John Attridge, Technical Director presents: “The CTG Multi-parameter Fluorometer: A new approach to in-situ fluorescence measurement” at the 59th Marine Measurement Forum staged by The Hydrographic Society UK at BP’s Upstream Learning Centre, UK on 7th July.   The new multi-parameter fluorometer, the V-Lux, is a low cost, miniaturized, multi-channel sensor providing high quality in-situ detection of Algae, Hydrocarbons, CDOM and Tryptophan like fluorescence. 

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