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CTG to exhibit at WEFTEC 2017 (30 Sept – 3 Oct 2017) in the UK Pavilion with the UK DIT & British Water

CTG will be exhibiting at the WEFTEC 2017  Conference & Exhibition in Chicago during 30 September – 3 October 2017 in the UK Pavilion with the UK DIT and British Water.  WEFTEC offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn and network with water quality leaders. The annual exhibition draws buyers and representatives of the foremost water and wastewater companies from around the world. 

Justin Dunning will be presenting on CTG’s new Multi-Parameter fluorometer - the V-Lux - which can be configured for detection of a number of compounds including Algae, Tryptophan (for Bacterial Monitoring / BOD) and Hydrocarbons. Field fluorometers have traditionally been challenged by interfering fluorescence from non-target compounds, high turbidity levels and high concentrations which can directly impact the accuracy of the readings obtained.  The new fluorometer includes 3 fluorescence channels as well as absorption, turbidity and temperature channels which allow corrections from these potential interferences, providing unambiguous data of the target compounds and providing range levels previously unobtainable from field fluorometers.

On display will be CTG's range of on-line & portable water quality monitoring systems. Addressing the management of both water supply and water recovery plants, these systems will also be of particular interest to the environmental monitoring sectors addressing the requirements of the Bathing Waters Directive, Water Framework Directive and Shellfish Waters Directive.

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Justin Dunning to present new sensors for the water and waste water markets at WEFTEC 2017

What can  Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) offer you?
CTG offer a range of robust high performance sensor solutions to the environmental monitoring & water utility sectors, providing both individual sensors and complete systems to measure the following parameters: Algae, Dye tracing, CDOM, Bacteria, BOD, Hydrocarbons & Turbidity. These sensors can provide benefits within both environmental monitoring systems & water process plant monitoring (potable & waste) in areas such as filter monitoring & management, disinfection by-product formation potential, coagulation control, bacteria & organic loading, taste & odour, hydrocarbon contamination of water sources and efficacy of bacterial removal systems.

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