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City of San Diego Environmental Monitoring Services buys more CTG UviLux BOD Sensors

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has recently delivered further UviLux BOD Sensors to the City of San Diego Environmental Monitoring & Technical Services for use in the City’s Ocean Monitoring Program. Specifically, the sensors are part of a joint long term monitoring programme to which both the City of San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (University of California San Diego) are participating in.  An initial supply of CTG BOD sensors was undertaken in 2015, with the latest sensors being targeted for monitoring the South Bay Ocean Outfall or Point Loma Ocean Outfall. All BOD Sensors were supplied with flow through manifolds for mooring application.

Scripps was initially hired by the City of San Diego to assess if the Point Loma Ocean Outfall monitoring system was adequate by answering scientific questions on the effects of the ocean environment of the outfall and potential issues that could arise if there were increases of the discharge volumes and solids, with results reported within the Scientific press.

Point Loma Outfall is one of the longest and deepest in the world, where approximately 180 million gallons of wastewater are treated at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant and discharged every day.

The supply of these sensors to the City of San Diego was managed by CTG’s representatives in North America, Prairie Ocean Technologies.



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More CTG UviLux BOD Sensors for San Diego

The CTG UviLux BOD sensor is a fluorometer based in situ sensor which provides data on Biological Oxygen Demand in real-time.  These sensors can be supplied within both portable (BOD-Wader) and stationary (BOD-Station) systems, or, with the flexible communication options offered, can be easily integrated into buoys, remote operated vehicles or Autonomous platforms

Come and see us at WWEM 2018

Chelsea Technologies Group will be exhibiting at the WWEM 2018 Conference & Exhibition 21-22 November 2018 in Telford, UK.  On display will be our range of novel sensor systems, both portable and on-line, for environmental monitoring & protection of rivers, reservoirs, lakes & ground water. These sensors can be applied to in situ effluent detection, oil spill monitoring, industrial discharge monitoring, chlorophyll & algae class studies, CDOM and dye tracing. New for this year will be the V-Lux multi-parameter fluorometer designed to detect either Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Algae or Tryptophan-like fluorescence.


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