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Photosynthesis by aquatic organisms (phytoplankton, algae, corals, seagrass) controls aquatic food webs and biogeochemical cycles (including drawdown of CO2 from the atmosphere) and ultimately the global climate. All photosynthetic organisms contain the fluorescent pigment chlorophyll, and hence techniques exploiting this property have become globally adopted as a core means for monitoring aquatic ecosystem health, and more recently by industries needing to optimize algal growth. Global need for more effective ecosystem management in combination with increasing applications for “industrialized algae” have particularly accelerated theoretical and technological capability in chlorophyll fluorescence in recent years. Researchers, managers and industry now have access to a vast array of instrumentation and protocols to examine systems from single cells to entire lakes and oceans.

CTG's Chief Scientist, Dr Kevin Oxbrough who is a leading expert on photosynthesis technologies will be presenting at the event and demonstrating the CTG FastOcean Act2-based laboratory & FerryBox systems for probing oxygenic photosynthesis by phytoplankton.

 If you would like to arrange a meeting with Kevin, please contact Ellen Keegan.

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