Sulphur Cap 2020, Amsterdam

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17.04.2018 - 18.04.2018


CTG presenting and exhibiting at the Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference, 17-18 April 2018, Amsterdam

CTG’s Maritime Manager, Stephanie Lavelle will be presenting on “Monitoring Waste Wash Water from Scrubbers” at the Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference, 17-18 April 2018, Amsterdam. Stephanie will outline CTG's Green Shipping Initiatives for monitoring wash water from Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems to ensure vessels are fully compliant with global regulations.

CTG developed Sea Sentry, a DNV.GL certified fully autonomous wash water monitor that ensures compliance with the hydrocarbon limits set for discharging the water used to clean emissions.

"CTG's range of wash water monitors have been so successful that over 80 are now installed on vessels throughout the world, providing operators with the highest level of confidence in compliance thanks to the unique sensor suites & unprecedented build standards," said Emma Johnson, CTG's Sales Manager. "Through building strong alliances and partnerships we've quickly grown to be a global leader in green solutions for environmental monitoring and continue to work with regulatory bodies and associations to progress toward smarter, cleaner shipping." 

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Stephanie Lavelle: Tel: +44(0) 7766 604 894
Emma Johnson: Tel: +44(0) 7900 733 675 (Sales)
Ellen Keegan Tel: +44(0) 208 481 9019 (Media)

For more information please contact: Stephanie Lavelle +44(0)7766 604894 Tel: +44(0)20 8481 9000
Stephanie Lavelle, Maritime Manager
Mobile: +44(0)7766 604 894 Tel: +44(0)20 8481 9000

For more information please contact: Emma JohnsonEmma Johnson, Maritime & Hydrocarbon Manager
Mobile: +44(0)7900 733 675 Tel: +44(0)20 8481 9042


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