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National recognition gained for Chelsea FastBallast portable ballast water compliance monitor

Dr Brian Phillips announced today at Ocean Business that the Chelsea FastBallast portable ballast water compliance monitor has been certified as the first and currently the only device for ballast water indicative sampling in Saudi Arabia. Our representatives Global Strategic Alliance - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GSA) have been selected as the only Service provider approved by the Ministry of Environment to conduct Ballast Water Sampling.  Saudi ports and terminals are considered the highest receiver of ballast water from ships, with over 180 million tons of ballast water discharged during cargo operations every year.

Methodology used by Chelsea Technologies’ FastBallast Sensor independently verified by third party benchmark testing

FastBallast incorporates Single Turnover Active Fluorescence (STAF) technology to enable accurate, algal cell counting capability within a small, lightweight and very portable instrument. Patented signal analysis provides for rapid, on vessel measurement and checks of compliance for treated water.

FastBallast has now been evaluated by independent laboratories and as a result it has been selected for use by the first nations to announce and initiate testing regimes ahead of enforcement by the IMO. Examples are its widespread use in Saudi Arabian ports and the recent selection, through open tender, by the Belgian Port Authority. The Belgian sale is significant as it is the first European country to declare its preference for a particular instrument to begin compliance testing on vessels entering its ports and harbours.

Surge in sales of Chelsea’s Sea Sentry exhaust gas scrubber wash water monitor

Sales continue to surge for our Sea Sentry exhaust gas scrubber wash water monitor,” said Chairman, Dr Brian Phillips. “Order intake to the end of 2019 has already grown substantially and the number of ships fitted with our wash water monitor is forecast to increase beyond 2020, driven by very recent changes to the IMO regulatory timeframe.”

Sea Sentry leads the field for technical innovation and measurement fidelity and its signal processing algorithms are already accredited by Class Societies such as DNV-GL and ClassNK. 

Chelsea announces further significant Wash Water Monitor order from Fuji Electric

Chelsea Technologies has today announced a significant order from Fuji Electric Company Limited for its Sea Sentry wash water monitoring system  for ship exhaust gas cleaning systems. The order, for 28 units, follows an initial significant order in October 2018 and comes during a period of industry-wide acceleration in the uptake of scrubbers. Sea Sentry has been installed on over 100 vessels to date, and is the only system to employ a methodology that is approved to analyse the full range of measurements as outlined by MEPC guidelines. Chelsea is a leading global provider of highly advanced sensors and systems that perform a crucial role in providing accurate and reliable testing for compliance with environmental regulations.  

Belgian Government selects Chelsea Technologies for Ballast Water Compliance benchmarking

It was announced today at Ocean Business that the Federal Public Service (FPS) Mobility and Transport, the arm of the Belgium government responsible for shipping, has selected Chelsea Technologies, a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensors for the maritime sector to provide benchmark portable testing for compliance with ballast water standards. This follows the Belgium government’s decision to begin testing vessels calling at its ports and terminals to ensure they can demonstrate compliance with the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC), representing one of the first European nations to enforce this mandate.

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