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Elizabeth Paull joins as Chelsea Technologies Managing Director

Former Sonardyne Business Development Manager aims to further develop Chelsea Technologies as the market leader in environmental sensing technology.

Chelsea Technologies, a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensors for the maritime sector and a Sonardyne company, has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Paull as its new Managing Director. Elizabeth, who joins the company from leading subsea technology developer Sonardyne International, has been appointed to further develop Chelsea Technologies as a market leader in environmental sensing technology across a variety of industry sectors, and particularly in maritime where the regulatory landscape of today is creating significant challenges for shipowners and operators.


Chelsea announces further significant Wash Water Monitor order from Fuji Electric

Chelsea Technologies, a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensors for the maritime sector announced that its Sea Sentry wash water monitoring system for ship exhaust gas cleaning systems has been awarded type approval by DNV-GL. This accreditation, combined with certification for its measurement protocols from Class NK and DNV-GL, assures shipowners and operators that all available measures have been taken to verify that Sea Sentry provides accurate and robust data on compliance with IMO Annex VI wash water discharge regulations. It also underpins Chelsea Technologies’ commitment to achieving Class accreditation with type approval for all of its systems, ensuring the highest standards in quality and accuracy are upheld.

Scrubbers - Owners and operators of closed loop scrubbers are risking non-compliance with emissions regulations due to inaccurate water test readings

Despite surveys reporting that large sections of the maritime industry are unprepared, and calls by some for a delay, the IMO confirmed at its April meeting (MEPC 72) that the implementation of the 0.5% sulphur cap on marine fuel would proceed as scheduled on 1st January 2020. Shipowners and operators now have barely 18 months to decide which route to compliance they must follow to meet MARPOL’s Annex VI regulations.  Chelsea Technologies has direct experience of compliance testing and has an in-depth working knowledge of the high standards demanded by regulators. Chelsea's Sea Sentry provides a fully autonomous wash water monitoring system for both the water inlet and outlet of wet exhaust gas scrubber systems.


Ballast Water Technology

To date, the Ballast Water Convention (BWC) has been ratified by 80 states, impacting the operations of more than 80% of the global fleet. As the number of ballast water treatment systems in the market continues to grow, there will be an inevitable acceleration in compliance monitoring. To eliminate the risk of any ambiguity over results, potential fines, delays and reputational damage, it is vital that ballast water sampling and analysis is conducted using a proven methodology and is measured to a consistent industry standard, as failure to deliver this standard risks undermining the very spirit of the Convention.


Ensuring accuracy in portable ballast water testing regulation to enable effective enforcement of the Convention

Article by Dr Brian Phillips for Motorship Magazine May 2019
As a leading global expert in highly advanced sensor technologies and systems, Chelsea Technologies is working closely with regulators including the IMO, ISO and port authorities as a trusted and workable international standard is developed for ballast water sampling and analysis, one that is based on a proven methodology for representative sampling and analysis of ballast water. The company has already initiated discussions with accreditation authorities and is undergoing a process of third-party protocol testing.

Chelsea’s FastBallast compliance monitor can be used by any crew member at any stage during the ballast water discharge operation, producing results in under 10 minutes.

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