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Chelsea supplies water monitors for ship exhaust gas cleaning systems

To comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) environmental regulations, global shipping is required to meet specific exhaust gas emission levels. These will become even more stringent in the next few years.
Chelsea is supplying sensor systems as an integral part of exhaust gas cleaning systems to continuously monitor their performance. We have systems installed in both new ship builds and retrofit systems.
Each system consists of sensor cabinets monitoring the seawater intake and out-take enabling comparison data to confirm the exhaust cleaning systems operate within acceptable emissions limits. Each cabinet monitors Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH), Turbidity, Temperature and pH and incorporates a flow switch 
Data from the sensors is relayed to a main control system via an Ethernet connection. Chelsea's low cost UviLux hydrocarbon sensor has been re-configured for the specific requirements for both the PAH and Turbidity measurements, the latter being compliant with ISO7027: 1999 International Standard.

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"This work expands our existing capability in the supply of in-line monitoring systems to the maritime sector,” said Stephanie Lavelle, Chelsea’s Maritime Manager. “This is a natural extension to our business supplying FerryBox environmental systems for commercial vessels and ships of opportunity.”

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