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SeaSentry Exhaust Gas Wash Water Monitor installed in over 80 Vessels

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With the continual increase in global shipping trade, the IMO has introduced an increasing number of regulations in order to reduce the impact that shipping is having on the environment. These include the monitoring of ship exhaust gas and treated ballast water. CTG has built up a reputation for globally supplying ship based systems to both military and civil operators over a number of years and these systems are now installed on ferries, research vessels, yachts and tankers.

In 2008, the IMO also adopted the global sulphur cap which requires all ships to reduce their emissions to a maximum 0.5% sulphur content as of January 2020 and by 2018 ships are required to submit monitoring data. This is expected to cost the industry an additional $60 billion annually by either switching to alternative fuels or by installing scrubber systems, which clean emissions using water. Scrubber systems, although an initial investment, are the more economical solution as they provide a 20-50% rate of return and are becoming more widely adopted.

CTG developed Sea Sentry, a DNV.GL certified fully autonomous wash water monitor that ensures compliance with the hydrocarbon limits set for discharging the water used to clean emissions. “Sea Sentry has been so successful that it is now installed on over 80 vessels, providing operators with the highest level of confidence in compliance thanks to our unique sensor suite and unprecedented build standard,” said Maritime Manager, Stephanie Lavelle. Through building strong alliances and partnerships CTG has quickly grown to be a global leader in green solutions for environmental monitoring and continue to work with regulatory bodies and associations to progress toward smarter, cleaner shipping.

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