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Please VOTE for US! CTG's ballast water compliance monitor has been shortlisted in the Green4Sea Awards – Technology category

WE NEED YOUR VOTE before 16 February!

We are delighted to announce that Chelsea Technologies Group has been shortlisted in the Green4Sea Awards – Technology category, for our on board FastBallast Compliance Monitor.  Ballast water testing standards vary across the industry, and it’s great to see FastBallast being recognised as leading the way in setting the gold standard for effective enforcement of the Ballast Water Convention, helping to dramatically reduce the impact of invasive species worldwide. FastBallast ensures shipowners and operators have complete confidence that their ballast water treatment system achieves compliance.

Voting closes on February 16th so we need your support NOW! No registration is required - just cast your votes : http://secure.pinnion.com/pepl/pinnion.php?id=47354&key=NDhjNTQ0OGNjOWJkOTgyZjE2MmM3ODdiYjZjMmJmMmM.&al=1

If you’d like to receive further information about the work Chelsea Technologies Group is doing to drive the highest standards in ballast water testing, please feel free to get in touch.  Thank you for your support.

 Ballast Water Conference Stephanie Lavelle

 WE NEED YOUR VOTE before 16 February!  



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