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Owners & operators of closed loop scrubbers are risking non-compliance with emissions regulations due to inaccurate water test readings

Scrubbers - Owners and operators of closed loop scrubbers are risking non-compliance with emissions regulations due to inaccurate water test readings


The pending IMO 0.5% global sulphur cap to be implemented in 2020 will see the most significant shift in ship propulsion in this lifetime. The use of scrubbers as an emissions abatement technology is an attractive opportunity as it allows the shipowner to continue to burn lower-cost Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), with estimates of the fuel spread between HFO and distillates post-2020 varying between $150 and $400 per tonne, according to Platts and Bloomberg data.

Consultancy JBC Energy recently forecast that almost 40% of the market will have a scrubber installed by 2030, and generally the sentiment remains that scrubbing will play a significant role in the post-2020 shipping landscape. However, despite scrubbing’s effectiveness, uptake to date has been slow. Scrubbers are a costly capital expenditure, ranging from $2m to $6m per unit, and so it is crucial that compliance with environmental regulations can be proven to drive uptake and reduce emissions in the global shipping industry.  

One of the principle challenges associated with wet scrubbing is handling the wash water discharge. Wash water needs to be treated and monitored for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are harmful to the environment, prior to being discharged in the sea. Chelsea Technologies Group's (CTG) Sea Sentry is a fully autonomous system which monitors both the sensor inlet and outlet of wet exhaust gas scrubber systems. Sea Sentry is a gold standard solution which measures PAHs, absorbance, turbidity (to ISO 7027: 1999), temperature and pH of scrubber wash water. CTG supplies Sea Sentry to the maritime industry’s leading providers of exhaust gas cleaning systems worldwide, giving operators confidence in compliance with environmental regulations and mitigating the risk of costly fines and the associated downtime. CTG is the only company that has the capability to accurately measure the required parameters of water in closed loop scrubbers and provide accurate data.

About Chelsea Technologies Group
CTG have been designing and manufacturing bespoke sensors and optics equipment for the aquatic environment for over 50 years. Industries we specialise in include Maritime, Marine Science, Environmental, Defence, Homeland Security and Process Control. We have built up a reputation for globally supplying ship based systems to both military and civil operators over a number of years. These systems have been installed on ferries, research vessels, yachts and tankers.

Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference (17/18 April 2018 in Amsterdam)

CTG's Maritime Manager, Stephanie Lavelle will explain to the delegates at the Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference (17/18 April 2018 in Amsterdam) how accurate monitoring plays a vital role in driving the uptake of scrubbers in the maritime industry, which in turn will contribute to lowering the global environmental impact of shipping and negate disputes and reducing the risk of non-compliance, costly downtime and reputational damage.

Stephanie Lavelle and her colleague, Emma Johnson  will be available to answer any questions on the Sea Sentry:Wash water monitor for exhaust gas scrubber systems.  

Read More - "Owners need accurate monitoring come 2020" - Article by Dr Brian Phillips in Tanker Operator Magazine (March 2018)

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Stephanie Lavelle, Maritime Manager
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