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Leaders in environmental consulting @PLANCTON_ANDINO (Chile) have been using a @Chelsea_CTG  Act2 #frrf3 to monitor red tides as part of the Bivalve Molluscs Health Program.

Leading environmental consultants Plancton Andino SpA (Chile) are using a CTG FastAct Laboratory FRRf System to monitor red tides as part of the Bivalve Molluscs Health Program.

Chile is the world’s fourth largest producer of mussels and the health of the mussels is of paramount importance to the economy. These “red tides” or Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are natural events occurring around the world. Since first being reported in Chile in 1972 in the Strait of Magellan these HAB have increased in both frequency and geographic coverage.


Leading subsea technology developer Sonardyne International Ltd. has acquired maritime and marine science technology specialist Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd. The acquisition is part of a long-term growth strategy for Sonardyne, to diversify into markets where it sees an opportunity to build on its core technology base and expertise in underwater acoustic and optical communications, navigation and autonomous monitoring systems. In acquiring Chelsea (also known as CTG), Sonardyne will both strengthen its presence in the maritime, marine and ocean science sectors and create new opportunities in the water environmental, defence and process control markets. Chelsea will gain access to Sonardyne’s considerable research, production, testing, compliance and global distribution capabilities, allowing the company to access many more international territories.

Challenger Conference 2018, Newcastle

CTG are delighted to once again sponsor & exhibit at the next biennial conference of the Challenger Society for Marine Science to be held at Newcastle University,  on 10-13 September 2018.

On display  will be the well established Act2/FastOcean multi-wavelength fluorometer-based systems for in situ and laboratory-based assessment of phytoplankton physiology and GPP.

Introducing new V-Lux Fluorometer

The Our Ocean Wealth Summit, takes place in Galway, Ireland as part of SeaFest 2018  on 28/29 June. A major part of the two-day programme is the Marine Ireland Trade Show which CTG are delighted to participate in.

CTG’s Managing Director, Dr Brian Phillips and Marine Sales Manager,  Sam Kirby will be showcasing the new V-Lux: Multi-parameter fluorometer configured to detect either Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Algae or Tryptophan-like fluorescence. 

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