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Dr John Attridge, Technical Director presents: “The CTG Multi-parameter Fluorometer: A new approach to in-situ fluorescence measurement” at the 59th Marine Measurement Forum staged by The Hydrographic Society UK at BP’s Upstream Learning Centre, UK on 7th July.   The new multi-parameter fluorometer, the V-Lux, is a low cost, miniaturized, multi-channel sensor providing high quality in-situ detection of Algae, Hydrocarbons, CDOM and Tryptophan like fluorescence. 

FastOcean used world-wide to monitor gross and net primary productivity (GPP and NPP)

To understand how human activities and global climate change affect marine environments, we need to understand the role of phytoplankton and photosynthesis. Scientist around the world are using the CTG FastOcean APD (Ambient Plus Dark) Profiling system and Act2 Laboratory based system  to improve such photosynthesis and GPP measurements. Over the past year, CTG has seen sales of the FastOcean Fast Repetition Rate fluorometers (FRRf) soar with systems now being used across Europe, USA, Australia and China.

Pipeline Leak Detection System chosen by Laurel Geophysics Inc

Laurel Geophysics Inc. of San Jose, California have chosen a CTG Pipeline Leak Detection System for detection of Hydrocarbons.  The system, destined for use in the Far East, includes the CTG UV AquaTracka configured for detection of Crude Hydrocarbons.  Prairie Ocean Technologies, based in Ontario, Canada, (one of CTG’s International Representatives) successfully managed the sale on behalf of CTG.  The chosen system is one of a range of standard systems offered by CTG specifically designed for ease of integration to ROV platforms, and comes with all accessories including cabling, deck unit and PC with leak detection software pre-loaded.

new appointments

“We’ve just expanded our Science team with the appointment of Dr James Kirkbride and Laura Gibson,” reports Dr John Attridge.  James has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Oxford University. His background is in spectroscopy development, optical design and gas sensing. He will take over responsibility for testing and development of new and existing products and running discrete R&D projects. Laura is a physicist with over 13 years' research and laboratory experience. She has an MSc High Power Radio Frequency Science & Engineering & BSc Physics from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.  Laura will run CTG's state-of-the-art calibration facility.

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