“Our team has been using the Algae-Wader System for monitoring HABs in Berlin’s urban bathing areas. We’ve been testing both rivers and lakes and are extremely happy about how fool proof and intuitive the system is. We’ve performed some tests analysing of field measurements and water measurements in measuring vessels are intercomparable and we were pleasantly surprised that the vessels do not interfere with the measurements. This makes the system widely applicable and facilitates project design. We will definitely order another one in the future.”

“We purchased a Chelsea FastOcean System over the competitors because it is a very robust machine, it has a good GUI and it can be used both in situ and in the laboratory. In addition it estimates the concentration of RCII, allowing calculations of the absolute rate of photosynthetic electron transport.”

"The FastOcean & FastAct Laboratory System arrived here yesterday afternoon. I assembled it already and I have to say, I was really impressed by the care with which the kit was put together. Even the tubing, smallest connectors and Allen keys were included. That is a super service! It is up and running already and I will spend some time playing with it. Once again, thank you to the Chelsea Team!"

“Just wanted to report that we have received the FastOcean & FastAct Laboratory System and have started setting up. Thank you very much for the quick turnaround on this - greatly appreciated! We initially chose to purchase the FastOcean for several reason, these include the fact that the FastOcean builds on the extensive legacy of the FastTracka which provides a wealth of underpinning science to establish well-documented context. The combination of FastOcean and Fast Act provides a fairly unique way to establish physiological state and gross primary production estimate. I am also particularly keen to work with the FastOcean as it is directly backed up with the expertise provided by Kevin Oxborough. I think it is extremely important that Chelsea have invested in someone who not only understands the science but continues to lead the science. Other competitors may be able to match some of these, but I do not think they can offer all of them.”

"I've used various in situ fluorometers over the years in different projects, and I wasn't surprised to see Chelsea's Trilux come out on top in a sensitivity comparison I recently performed among similar sensors. Chelsea has a well deserved reputation for making quality fluorometers, backed by careful attention to calibrations and documentation."

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