Acoustic Sonar Systems

Submarine Test & Evaluation

Chelsea Technologies Group manufactures a wide range of state of the art equipment and systems for calibration, test & general performance evaluation of airborne, surface ship and submarine sonars. Existing users of these systems include UK QinetiQ, UK Director of Submarines, NATO SACLANT Undersea Research Centre, La Spezia, Italy, the Belgian Navy, and EDO Corporation, USA.

1 Echo Repeating Acoustics Source System

Echo Repeater Acoustics Source (ERAS): compact and versatile system for the performance evaluation of a wide range of active and passive sonar. It has been designed to be hand-deployed from small vessels with few facilities - the transducer assembly is a small lightweight unit containing both projector and hydrophone.  At the surface, the system includes a rugged, portable, power amplifier unit and a controlling computer.

2 Versatile Acoustic Source System

Versatile Acoustic Source System (VASS): designed to evaluate the performance of a wide range of active and passive sonar. It produces complex, calibrated transmissions in addition to echo repeating, transponding and acting as a calibrated receiver. VASS provides a highly versatile and flexible sonar test system, which is configured by simple mouse or keyboard selections. In addition to instant configuration changes, via its Windows XP interface, VASS allows desktop set-up of complete trials programs in advance, hence avoiding costly errors in signal definition during calibration trials.

3 Custom Design

Custom Design: Chelsea Technologies Group has the acoustics and electrical expertise to design and manufacture bespoke acoustic systems or elements of systems. New systems recently developed to clients’ individual specifications include the vertical hydrophone array for acoustic communication studies and the design of bulkhead mounted transducers for use in a harbour defence system.

In view of our continual improvement, the designs and specifications of our products may vary from those described.

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