Acoustic Transducers and Sonar Systems

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Acoustic Transducers DualSenseDualSense: A series of spherical, horizontally omni-directional, reciprocal underwater acoustic transducers for applications as both hydrophones and projectors. Reliable and durable.

Acoustic Transducers SonoFlex SonoFlex: A series of flexural disk transducers providing high transmit sensitivities over a very low frequency range. These transducers are small, compact, and provide a low-cost low frequency option.

Acoustic Transducers HydroSenseHydroSense: A series of hydrophones with integral pre-amplifiers providing excellent receive sensitivity across a wide frequency band, with a low noise performance.

BroadbandBroadBand: A series of broadband projectors with integral tuning elements, providing wide flat transmitting responses over large bandwidths.

SonoFlex SonoTubeSonoTube: A series of low frequency transducers operational in both transmit and receive modes, particularly useful for communication applications and in underwater positioning systems.

Custom design Custom Design: With extensive expertise in electronics and acoustics Chelsea Technologies Group can custom design and manufacture transducers to meet your individual specification.

ERASEcho Repeater Acoustics Source (ERAS): compact and versatile system for the performance evaluation of a wide range of active and passive sonar.

VASS Versatile Acoustic Source System (VASS): designed to evaluate the performance of a wide range of active and passive sonar. It produces complex, calibrated transmissions in addition to echo repeating, transponding and acting as a calibrated receiver.



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