Military Studies


5 Military Studies

Chelsea Technologies Group's Studies team was formed in 1994. The Group has undertaken various types of assessment and feasibility studies in both the Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Counter Measures sectors of the marine environment. In general such studies are designed as a preliminary exercise to ensure that both equipment (acoustic or non-acoustic) and tactics are optimized for particular sectors (e.g. Rapid Environmental Assessment). In some cases, novel equipment design and data analysis are also included. The Studies Group has particular expertise in the effect of environmental features on weapon system performance, operational procedures, and the impact of oceanographic knowledge on tactical matters.

Ship Wake Studies
Chelsea Technologies Group has developed a number of novel systems for studying vessel wakes in the open ocean. Highly sensitive sensors have been deployed on chains and in towed bodies. High speed towed bodies with micro-structure sensors for ocean turbulence have yielded vital data on the characteristics of ships' wakes (bubble size, density and distribution) as a function of both time and distance.

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