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For over twenty years Chelsea Technologies Group has designed, developed and supplied multi-parameter sensor systems to the UK and overseas Navies.


Sonar 2115
Chelsea is the design authority for the Sonar 2115 military oceanographic system. Under a first-line supply contract Chelsea has supplied Sonar 2115 systems for installation onboard the fourth Astute Class submarine HMS AUDACIOUS and the Shore Based Integration Facility. Chelsea has previously delivered oceanographic systems for the first three Astute class submarines.

The Sonar 2115 oceanographic system provides improved situational awareness and enhanced knowledge of the ocean environment. The robust, high precision sensors incorporate novel built in test technologies to extend calibration intervals and decrease maintenance costs. The outboard multi-parameter sensor suite measures those physical and biological parameters that collectively ensure that the maximum tactical advantage can be sustained. The sensor suite is housed in a compact, robust housing, designed to withstand the full rigour of the military environment. The inboard rack mounted deck unit allows processing, display and storage of the collected and derived data. The UK Astute system includes Integrated Bathymetric Information System, formerly known as sonar 2090. The system is sufficiently versatile to accommodate up to two outboard sensor suites operating simultaneously to allow differentials to be monitored, with provision for additional sensors if required. Two displays, operating independently, are provided for the Astute class fit. A surface ship version is also available.

Sonar 2081
Chelsea has a nine year contract to provide post design services for support of the Trafalgar Class Sonar 2081 submarine oceanographic sensor suite, under the Miscellaneous Sonar Equipment programme. The work, which includes service, repair and calibration, is undertaken at Chelsea's UK facility utilizing the NAMAS approved calibration laboratory.

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