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Military FerryBox system installed on Navy Ice Patrol Vessel HMS PROTECTOR (shown above)

The military FerryBox systems plus the SeaSoar towed vehicle systems measure and record the same parameters providing a comprehensive co-ordinated range of oceanographic measurements that contribute to the recognized environmental picture.

Military FerryBox system installed on Navy Ice Patrol Vessel HMS PROTECTOR
Chelsea Technologies has supplied the UK Ministry of Defence with a military FerryBox system for its Ice Patrol Vessel HMS PROTECTOR. The FerryBox system is designed to gather continuous real-time data of the surface waters through which the vessel travels. This data is of value to both the MOD and the larger scientific community. The FerryBox system is installed in the ship's engine room taking water from the seawater intake used to cool the engine. A multi-core cable connects the FerryBox system to a deck unit located in the hydrographic laboratory. The data will be recorded continuously, displayed in real-time and archived for post deployment analysis.

The HMS PROTECTOR FerryBox system utilizes the same Chelsea military oceanographic sensor pack currently installed across the UK's fleet of submarines. Along with the Chelsea Ferrybox, the HMS PROTECTOR will be fitted with a sonic anemometer. Both sets of data will be provided to the National Oceanography Centre, where analysis and quality control will be undertaken to refine the air sea interface processing algorithms, enabling higher returns of the military worth from the data. The data will also be from a sparsely sampled area, predominantly southern oceans, thus adding significant value to the global oceanographic database.

Towed oceanographic vehicles
Chelsea Technologies Group is the world's leading designer & manufacturer of towed oceanographic platforms. Three SeaSoar towed vehicle systems are currently in use with the Royal Navy’s two new survey vessels, HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise. SeaSoar is an undulating towed vehicle for oceanographic data collection that operates to depths of 500 metres. It is deployed from surface ships and towed at up to 12 knots. The current sensor payload comprises a comprehensive range of highly advances oceanographic sensors. Data is displayed in real time providing the operator with a comprehensive mapping system in support of naval operations. Chelsea Technologies supplied full training and trials support to the royal navy and will provide 25 years through-life support for the vehicle systems.

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