CDOM Monitoring (CDOM-Station, CDOM-Station Pro)


CDOM-Station and CDOM-Station Pro – for  real-time assessment of fluorescent dissolved organic matter

Chelsea Technologies Group's CDOM-Station and CDOM-Station Pro systems allow utility operation managers, process scientists and engineers to assess real-time levels of coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in water systems. This is achieved by detecting UV CDOM fluorescence, which has been shown to correlate with organic levels in a wide variety of water environments, providing significantly enhanced improvements in sensitivity over conventional absorbance methods.

The CDOM-Station comprises a CTG UviLux fluorometer and a Watchkeeper wall mounted data display and logger. CTG’s UviLux fluorometers detect UV fluorescence with industry-leading sensitivity and selectivity and have been optimised for minimal interference from water turbidity.

Data is displayed on the Watchkeeper’s colour touchscreen and is logged internally. Up to three 4 - 20mA outputs are provided for data transmission.


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