UV AquaTracka Fluorometer for real-time sensitive, in situ detection of crude or refined hydrocarbons or CDOM

UV AquaTracka Fluorometer for hydrocarbon detection in water


Chelsea Technologies Group’s UV AquaTracka is a submersible fluorometer to monitor the concentration of refined hydrocarbons  or crude hydrocarbons in a wide range of applications including marine science, environmental & process control. In support of this, it has been designed to be deployed from gliders, undulating vehicles, moored profiling systems or flow-through.

UV AquaTracka detects UV fluorescence. When dissolved compounds that are of a fluorescent nature absorb UV light they re-emit a fraction of this energy as fluorescence at longer wavelengths. Fluorescence intensity is directly proportional to concentration. The technique is widely recognised as one of the most sensitive detection methods available.


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