Loggers & Displays for LUX range of sensors (Hawk, Watchkeeper)

Watchkeeper Lux Display & Logging UnitWatchkeeper LUX Display and Logging Unit:  Small, compact wall mounted display unit available for use with the CTG’s range of LUX miniature fluorometers. A colour touchscreen provides real-time data display for up to 3 parameters.  Using an external 24 Vdc supply, the Watchkeeper provides power to the CTG LUX fluorometers.  Data is downloaded by either the removal of the SD card or via a USB cable.  Data can be transmitted to a user database/control system via up to three 4-20mA outputs.  The user can set alarm thresholds for occasions when readings have risen to levels of concern. 

Hawk LUX Handheld Display & Logging UnitHawk LUX Handheld Display & Logging Unit:  Small, compact, handheld display unit that provides a portable solution for the CTG LUX range of miniature fluorometers. A colour touchscreen display provides real-time data for up to three parameters, together with time, location and battery duration. Data can be plotted in a graphical form to view trends. The user can program Red, Amber and Green (RAG) data thresholds and custom calibration factors to adjust the data output for their specific application.

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