FastBallast: Integrated Ballast Water Compliance Monitor

FastBallast Integrated System
Chelsea Technologies Group’s FastBallast Integrated Ballast Water Compliance Monitor is an ultra-sensitive solution for continually monitoring large volumes of inlet and outlet water of a ballast water treatment system at the D2 (10 to 50 µm) regulatory limit. High sampling rates, made possible by incorporating a Single Turnover One Pulse (STOP) detection method, makes FastBallast better suited to analysing low densities of phytoplankton cells at the D2 threshold than more common (Multiple Turnover) PAM methods.

FastBallast’s cutting edge design enables such a rapid and detailed analysis that it is the only technology that can operate in flow-through mode, providing a continuous, real time update on discharge compliance. Therefore is can dramatically increase the volume of water analysed, producing a more representative sample.

For more information contact: Emma Johnson (Sales) Stephanie Lavelle (Business Development).

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