Sea Sentry: Wash Water Monitor for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems clean emissions before release often by the use of wet scrubber systems that use wash water. It is this water that must be monitored at all times to avoid discharges that may exceed regulations and damage the environment.   CTG's Sea Sentry provides a fully autonomous wash water monitoring system - it monitors both the water inlet and outlet of wet exhaust gas scrubber systems. It is a turnkey solution which measures Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon, Absorbance, Turbidity (to ISO 7027: 1999), Temperature and pH. It is fully compliant with IMO MEPC 259(68), with Statement of Compliance from DNV-GL and ClassNK. 

Accrediated by:
CLASSNK   Sea Sentry MEPC259 certification mark RGB

For more information contact: Emma Johnson (Sales) or Stephanie Lavelle (Marketing)

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