Act2-based laboratory system: Highly automated system for probing oxygenic photosynthesis by phytoplankton

Chelsea Technologies Group’s Act2-Based Laboratory System build on the highly successful FastAct system which has been widely used, in combination with the FastOcean Fast Repetition Rate fluorometer (FRRf), to run FLCs and other laboratory-based fluorescence measurements. The Act2 system marks a big step forward in terms of both performance and functionality. For example, the incremental steps available for incident photon irradiance (E) are much smaller and cover a much larger range (up to and above full sunlight).

As with the FastAct, the standard Act2 FLC sample chamber provides full spectrum actinic illumination from filtered white LEDs. However, there is also an option to swap in 450 nm LED units. This allows for a spectral match to be made between the FastOcean FRRf and actinic illumination, thereby allowing for direct comparison of FRRf and FLC-derived data. Importantly, this feature also eliminates one of the spectral correction steps required in the estimation of primary productivity.



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