TriLux Multi-parameter algae sensor for monitoring combinations of Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Phycocyanin and Turbidity

TriLux Multi-parameter algae sensor to monitor Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin, Phycocyanin & Turbidity

The Chelsea Technologies Group's TriLux is a low cost, miniaturised, algae sensor capable of monitoring three different parameters in a single probe.

Depending on your local environment, you may like to choose from one of the following TriLux specifications. In general we suggest the following:

  • TriLux Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin and Turbidity for a freshwater deployment
  • TriLux Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin and Turbidity for a marine deployment
  • TriLux Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin and Phycocyanin for a coastal deployment


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