Towed Undulating Oceanographic Vehicles

Chelsea has been at the forefront of the design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of commercial quality, towed undulating instrumentation platform and systems for over 30 years. These undulating platforms have to date gathered millions of  miles of ocean data. Such success is perhaps not surprising in view of the benefits these tools offer both scientists and surveyors. The sheer quantity of data that can be reliably collected from these vehicles while a vessel is underway, has led to the sale of more than 150 towed vehicle systems to research, commercial and defence organizations around the world.  Chelsea's vehicles have collectively travelled millions of kilometres through the oceans and seas, demonstrating an impressive reliability record and generating a wealth of operational experience, offering a simple robust method of mapping the upper ocean layer as well as mapping coastal characteristics.

nushuttle towed vehicleNuShuttle is a proven, low cost and robust towed undulating vehicle in use on ships of opportunity and research vessels. It can be fitted with a wide variety of sensors to provide data on CTD, chlorophyll, hydrocarbon & Gelbstoff fluorescence, turbidity, optical transmittance, bioluminescence, nutrient, redox & dissolved oxygen.

SeaSoar II CoverSeaSoar II  is the world's leading open ocean towed data acquisition vehicle.  It is a robust, high performance towed undulating vehicle designed to be deployed from dedicated research vessels. Sensors typically deployed from the SeaSoar II include: CTD, Fluorometer, Transmissometer, Nephelometer, Bioluminescence, Irradiance meter, Nitrate/ Nitrate sensor, Plankton Sampler, and Satellite truthing bands sensors.

Range of winches to suit all needsWinches, Cables and Fairing Chelsea Technologies Group can advise on winches, cables and fairing to suit user applications. Customers may already have deployment equipment available, and in these cases Chelsea can advise on suitability for use.

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