SeaSoar II - World's leading oceanographic data gathering vehicle

SeaSoar II - World's leading cceanographic data gathering vehicle

SeaSoar II is the world's leading open ocean towed data acquisition vehicle.  It is a robust, high performance towed undulating vehicle designed to be deployed from dedicated research vessels. It  has a proven record of reliability over many thousands of miles of operation.

It remains the first choice of leading oceanographic institutes who wish to make deep-water measurements because it has a large payload capacity and is capable of being towed at speeds from 9 to 12 knots, and undulation regimes from the surface to 500m on faired cable.   All data is transmitted to and from the vehicle via a conductive tow cable and interface unit to a PC for vehicle control, data storage and real-time display of data.  Sensors typically deployed from the SeaSoar II include: CTD, Fluorometer, Transmissometer, Nephelometer, Bioluminescence, Irradiance meter, Nitrate/ Nitrate sensor, Plankton Sampler, and Satellite truthing bands sensors.

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