Winches, Cables & Fairing

Chelsea Technologies Group can supply complete turnkey towed undulating vehicle systems with deployment equipment including a winch, cable, and when required fairing to suit user applications. Customers may already have deployment equipment available, and in these cases we can access its suitability for use. We offer customer support, advice and assistance to ensure you get the best out of your towed vehicle system. Professionally qualified personnel can provide commissioning and full training on all parts of the system. We will work in partnership with you to ensure a long and useful life for your vehicle.

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Cable and Fairing

Vehicle undulation performance is cable dependent, and for real-time control and data acquisition, the Rochester 7-H-314A-XX cable provides the strength, weight and diameter ratios which yield the impressive performance from our range of vehicles. All cables are supplied with standard connectors providing simple cable management and maintenance.  Undulating performance is extended, when required, by use of fairing mounted to the cable. Use of fairing reduces strumming, but more significantly reduces the drag on the cable through the water, and enables the greater depths that can be achieved. Many of our customers have chosen this option as it is both robust and cost effective. Further information on cables and fairing can be found in the following datasheets:

Rochester Tow Cable - Dataline (R) -  7-H-314A (18 x 18 High Strength Armor) (pdf)

Cortland Fibron "Fibrocomm" Communications Cable - DCS0003 (pdf)

Indal Fathom Fairing - Flexnose (R), Fairing Series FA-478-350-1(pdf)

Deck Equipment - Winches

Chelsea can offer a wide choice of winches, specifically designed for its range of undulating vehicles. Winch models vary from light weight systems, designed for the smaller vehicle which can be easily fitted and removed from small craft such as dive, fishing or coastal research boats. On the other end of the scale, we can also offer high performance dedicated winch systems, designed to accommodate faired cable, with integral load cells and cable feed metres, which are generally fitted to larger research and surveying ships. These winches can be offered as either hydraulically or electrically powered, or when required separate hydraulic power units can be provided. Simple sheaves designed for both faired and non-faired cable can also be offered.  Further information on winches can be found in the following datasheets:

Lebus Model No. W1514 - NuShuttle Winch, Electric , Light Duty Roller Type Spool  (pdf)

Lebus Model No W1525 - SeaSoar Winch - Electric, Faired Cable Winch  (pdf)

Lebus Model No 16599-A - AquaShuttle Winch - Electric, Faired Cable Winch  (pdf)

Lebus Model No 16617 - AquaShuttle Winch - Electric, Heavy Duty  (pdf)

Sheave Assembly

Lebus Model No 16391-A - Sheave Assembly for Faired Cable (pdf)

Lebus Model No 16567-A - Sheave Assembly for Unfaired Cable (pdf)

Winch Instrumentation

Line tension, line length & line speed, indication panel assembly (pdf)

Typical vessels to deploy towed vehicles

Chelsea's undulating vehicles are deployed regularly from a range of vehicles including ships of opportunity, small survey boats, Royal Navy vessels and dedicated research vessels.

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